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Research & Development

Flexible Packaging Research & Development

Valdamark offers highly innovative, technical & bespoke solutions for those clients with demanding flexible packaging requirements.

For over 30 years we have been changing the value equation in the industrial packaging market.

Starting with the introduction of flexible packaging as a replacement for rigid containers, we now help clients to develop materials for the technically challenging projects they have.

Our team partners with clients to innovate a solution that is both efficient and viable.

Our extensive production capacity and choice of equipment allow us to develop truly bespoke solutions that can include dedicated production lines and integration of customised tooling.

It is out business to be flexible and it is now no surprise that Valdamark has become the go to multi-layer film manufacturer in Western Europe.

Our expertise in R & D has led to some major developments over the years. In particular our innovations in liquid packaging which have become market leading.

These designs & processes have been utilised by our customers over the years on a variety of projects in a variety of sectors. Everything from packaging for dyes and detergents to pharmaceuticals and sterilised surgical equipment.

Our value added service comes from our expertise as both as product developer and custom manufacturer.

Regardless of whether you are a small start-up or a multi-national brand we can help you to achieve your desired outcomes. Bring us your project or concept and we can review your requirements