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Flat Pouches & Bags

Our pouch packaging conversions come in variety of specifications and sizes. The classic and most popular format is the 3 side seal flat pouch. A proven design it is highly versatile and performs very well keeping your products in optimum, defect free condition.

As far as flexible packaging solutions go this is the most popular. Trusted by consumers and industry alike.

Nearly all of our film and foil laminates can be converted into flat pouches. We offer a choice of constructions for optimal protection against the usual culprits. Oxygen, moisture, UV light, Marine air and gas ingress.

Our aluminium pouch packaging is ideal for goods that are transported and stored through the supply chain for long periods of time.

In addition all our films are certified as food grade in line with FDA requirements. We also have a large range of pharmacopeia compliant films.

For products designated for export we supply several constructions that are approved to MIL-PRF-131K (USA), DEF STAN 82-75/2 (UK), DIN 55 531 (Germany) & NF H00 310 (France)

Benefits of our Pouch Packaging

  • We offer huge scope for custom sizes. Typically we see small formats around 150 x 200mm to larger at 1000 x 1500mm.
  • Easy to heat seal.
  • Options and modifications can be further added including rounded corners, tear notches and zip closures.
  • Flat pouches and bags can be produced to suit boxes which we also supply.
  • Volumes from 500ml to 1000ltr.

If a more creative solution is required we are experts at the design and development of custom pouch packaging. Our design team can work in collaboration with clients to produce a design that fits your exact requirements.

For the sealing of pouch packaging take a look at our range of hand held heat sealer machines available online.

Or for projects that require automatic packaging machinery get in touch to discuss your requirements.