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Octabin Packaging and Big Bags

Valdamark produce market leading Octabin and big bag packaging solutions. Usually we adapt dimensions to suit the container they will line. This allows clients to continue to use current supplied whilst our solution ensures optimal protection of their sensitive bulk products.

We have films to suit a wide variety of applications. For projects in the food stuffs and agricultural sectors FDA, food contact approved materials can be used. Those in healthcare and pharmaceutical markets can benefit materials in accordance with current EU and pharmacopoeia directives.

For industrial applications we have specialty laminates that provide enhanced transport and storage protection. Suitable for export packaging, moisture sensitive and hazardous/volatile products they can be converted into a variety of formats.

If a project requires a more technical or creative solution we can work at developing a bespoke packaging solution. Our research and development capabilities are such that we have helped many clients over the years to reach their goals.

Benefits of Octabin Packaging

  • Provides ‘ultra’ high barrier protection for products vulnerable to atmospheric hazards like oxygen, UV and moisture damage.
  • Can be supplied with a spout feature for easy filling and dispensing.
  • Highly suitable for vacuum packing increasing shelf life and quality whilst also giving reassurances in the supply chain. Particularly when goods travel over long distances.
  • When vaccum packed additives are not required. This includes anti-oxidants and insecticides.
  • Aluminium and EVOH barrier laminates are available.
  • Volumes from 80 ltr to 2000 ltr’s.

When sealing this type of packaging you may want to look at one of our hand held heat sealer machines. All models are available from stock and can be purchased online.

If you require a mounted machine you may want to consider one of our foot operated impulse sealer machines. These can be modified with a floor stand, work table and bag support for enhanced functionality.