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Bottom Gusset Bag

Our gusset vacuum bags are manufactured in a variety of materials to suit many different project requirements. They offer a barrier to gas ingress, UV light, moisture, marine air and CO2 to name but a few potential hazards. These Doypack type sachets feature a bottom fold that provides a cost effective alternative to bottles and other containers.

Gusset vacuum bags are very well suited for air extraction with a vacuum sealer machine as well any nitrogen purge/flush that may be required.

We can produce these to a wide variety of specifications. For those in the Agro food and healthcare sectors we have a diverse selection of films, foils and laminates that conform to FDA, EU and Pharmacopoeia regulations.

For those in industry and export we offer a selection of specialty industrial packaging films that conform to all the major global standards including MIL-PRF-131 K Class 1 (USA), DEF STAN 81-147 (formerly DEF STAN 81-75) (UK), DIN 55 531 (Germany) & NF H00 310 (France).

These films all feature enhanced tear and puncture resistances making them ideal for export packaging and storage. They can also feature a VCI corrosion inhibitor that protects both ferrous and non ferrous metal.

Benefits of our Gusset Vacuum Bags

  • An ergonomic packaging solution that easily stands up by itself.
  • These offer great protection whilst also allowing for vacuum and gas flush packing as well.
  • Both hot & cold filling can be done.
  • Works well both pasteurizing and sterilizing products.
  • Wide variety of barriers available including aluminium, EVOH and ALOX.
  • More compact than any rigid container of equal volume.
  • Volume 500ml to 15ltr.

Consider also a 3 side seal flat pouch format suitable for similar applications to gusset bags.

When sealing take a look at our range of hand held heat sealer machines available from stock online. Or for projects that require mid to high volume sealing take a look at our foot operated impulse sealer models for consistent and optimal seal quality.