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Bottom Gusset Pouches

Many of Valdamark’s ultra-high barrier laminates can be converted into gusset bag formats. Essentially they are pouches that stand upright on their own as the shaped bottom gusset gives it stability when vertical. There are a variety of options and modifications to further enhance the design. e.g. spout or screw cap features wither in front or on top.

For clients operating in the agri-food or healthcare markets we have a diverse range of suitable films fully compliant with FDA, EU and Pharmacopoeia directives.

We have a sophisticated range of moisture barrier packaging films for Clients who operate in industry. Often transporting and storing products through the supply chain for longer periods of time.

For products designated for export we have several constructions that are approved to MIL-PRF-131K (USA), DEF STAN 81-147 (formerly DEF STAN 81-75) (UK), DIN 55 531 (Germany) & NF H00 310 (France).

When a more technical or creative solution is required our research and development capabilities can help you to get to your goals. Over the years we have refined our approach to challenging requirements. In collaboration we have helped many clients achieve an optimal solution.

Benefits of Bottom Gusset Bag Pouches

  • The bottom gusset is a ‘highly stable’ packaging design.
  • Can be printed with promotional or educational content.
  • Available in many specifications to suit even the most sensitive of products.
  • Suitable for adhesives, hot fill and hot melt products, self-pasteurization and sterilization.
  • Compact allowing for easy transport and storage.
  • Volume from 500ml to 5ltr.

Depending on your sealing requirements you may wish to consider one of our hand held impulse heat sealer machines. Suitable for use with any of our films and foil laminates.

For mid to high volume sealing you may wish to consider a rotary heat sealer, particularly when seal quality is paramount.

For more information and advice take a look at our what heat sealer guide and decide on the best machine for your project.