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Food and Agricultural Industries

Flexible packaging solutions for the food and agricultural industries

Our expertise in design & manufacture allows us to develop highly customisable solutions with a variety of fittings and modifications as well as market leading levels of quality and hygiene.

We have developed solutions for all types of products including liquids, pastes and solids.

We can also adapt your solution with fittings like:

  • Spouts
  • Cap filling (either from the top or bottom or bottom of the bag)
  • Vacuum packing
  • Zip locks and Tear Notches.

Looking at liquid and paste products in particular we can also modify your packaging process with:

  • Sterilised filling conditions
  • Heated filing conditions
  • Self-Pasteurisation or sterilisation inside the pouch itself

Our films and laminates are always food compliant being manufactured in a quality controlled, clean room environment. They provide ‘best in class’ protection from the dangers of atmospherics hazards like moisture, oxygen and UV rays.

Food and Agricultural Packaging Machinery

We design packaging machines for use in the food and agricultural sectors. They have the reassurance that comes from the ‘quality centric’ manufacturing processes used. Compliance with food industry regulations is standard across all designs as is a robust V2A stainless steel design.

The technology is often designed and deployed around what a client is looking to achieve.

We provide clients with a variety of specifications including:

  • Sealing temperature control
  • ATEX approval
  • CIP (cleaning in place)

Our full range of fillers, heat sealer machines and vacuum chamber sealers are all available in stainless steel specification. Select models are suitable for clean room use (all types). Our project managers can assist you with more complicated requirements like gravimetric dosing, weighing, sealing and conveying

We offer a wide range of designs and formats including doy pouches, gusset bags, drum liners, octabin liners, FIBC, bulk bags, pillow bags, bag in box, stand up pouches, container liners and box liners.

Our volumes cater for anything from 1 to 25 ltr’s & 250 to 1000 ltr’s for liquids.

For solids and powdered products our solutions can accommodate 500 ml to 2000 ltr’s.

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