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Drum Liners

Valdamark produce drum liners using a patented process. As with most of our production machinery, many years of engineering has been invested into the design of the most flexible and efficient production environment.

Our process focusses on the extraction of liquid from a pressurised drum.

Thanks in large part to the work of our R & D department we can now offer innovative packaging solutions for sensitive liquids and other products like flavourings and master batch.


  • Our drum liners can also be used with reusable drums which we also supply.
  • The liner reduces and collapses in on itself as liquid is drawn up the drum.
  • Valdamark liners are intended to protect your product throughout its lifespan. Including during storage and transport throughout the supply chain.
  • You do not need to clean the drum itself with a bag liner solution.
  • Product contamination risk is zero.
  • Less product lost. (under 1% in many cases)
  • Volumes, 10 ltr, 20ltr and 30ltr’s