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Chemicals Industry

Chemical Packaging Machinery to suit your needs

Valdamark are experts in the design and manufacture of chemical packaging machines.

We work in close co-operation with our clients, sharing our technical expertise to reach solutions that are in full compliance of industry standards within the chemical sector.

We assist our clients by taking care of the Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification for all our equipment. All our machines are built from durable stainless steel. For complex projects our engineers can assist you in a bespoke solution.

We specialise in machines that require extensive safety features to ensure operator wellbeing as well as those for use in ATEX environments and clean rooms. We also offer modifications such as cleaning in place, enhanced precision, data analysis and validatable traceability.

Valdamark designs and manufactures high barrier packaging for chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Our packaging meets the requirements of both national and international clients. Often these clients work in highly regulated markets dealing with hazardous materials like hot melts and resins.

Clients may be looking to ensure the protection of the product or the user. Or both. In any case our solutions will provide the highest performance in line with your project needs.

All our chemical grade packaging materials offer high mechanical strength and can be customised with variety of optional modifications, fixtures and fittings.

Many clients have to work in accordance with UN standards for both the storage and transportation of these hazardous materials.

Our project managers and engineers work in close co-operation with you to understand the key drivers behind your requirements.

We can produce a wide variety of chemical packaging shapes, sizes, specifications and formats. From 5, 10 & 20 kg gusset pouches to large box liners. Our solutions offer goods protection for not only powders, granules and polymers but also liquids, solvents, resins, master batch and hot melts.

Are you looking for bespoke bags or pouches? Our team can find the best solution to fit your specification, technical requirements, dimensions, format and mechanical properties.

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