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Bulk Liners

Our Bulk Liners are a cost effective solution for the packaging of liquids and pastes in reusable containers. Essentially they provide an intermediate layer of protection that does not come into contact with the drum or container.

Many of our clients have chosen to replace IBC bags with bulk bag liners as they provide a better ‘value equation’ when shipping products through the supply chain. Saving on space they can be folded away. Also when used in conjunction with other fold-away rigid containers they can offer tremendous space saving advantages


  • The liner protects products whilst at the same time reducing down in size as they are dispensed.
  • Bulk liners do not need to be topped up with inert gas.
  • Less product lost. (under 1% in many cases)
  • Product contamination risk is zero.
  • An increased and more efficient production throughput.
  • Space saving. For both transport, storage and the inevitable return journey.
  • Volumes, 250 ltr, 500ltr and l000 ltr’s as standard.