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Bespoke Flexible Pouches

From the start of a project we work in closes collaboration with our clients. This means we have the opportunity to develop workable, innovative bespoke flexible pouches. Our production equipment has been designed and manufactured to our exact requirements over the years. This gives us unrivalled flexibility where the integration of customised tools is a possibility for projects that require them. In addition to our flexible pouches being used a standalone layer of protection they can also be integrated into existing distribution systems.

Bespoke projects we have worked on

  • In order to replace the use of compressors we developed a pouch integrated into the back of heating gun.
  • Often we develop pouches and bags with holes so that they can be easily carried and suspended.
  • New laminate constructions have been developed to meet high tear and puncture resistance standards.
  • Increased mechanical strength to cope with harsh outdoor environments.
  • Patented systems for the extraction of liquids from pressurised flexible containers.
  • Volume from 0.5 ltr to 10 ltr’s.